Pipe Cleaning

Pipe & Plant offers the most advanced technology and equipment fleet available to deliver a higher standard of cleaning power and precision. We’re working hard to transform the industry with a new generation of equipment and processes that blow the old standards for large-scale cleaning away.

Tackling every size pipe. From small to massive.


Whether your pipes are 6″ or 240″, we have the resources and specialized equipment to meet any size challenge. At Pipe & Plant, we not only conduct small diameter cleaning, we can also take on mega-scale projects with leading-edge technology and the necessary equipment to go incredibly deep: 120 ft. below grade and more.

Pipe & Plant is always pushing the frontiers to come up with inventive solutions – building custom machinery to clean out virtually any kind of underground structure from box culverts to siphons, and lift stations to grit chambers.

Small pipe solutions

smalldiameter_pipecleaningPPSI can quickly and effectively clean small diameter pipelines from 6″ to 36″ employing our fleet of combination jet-vacuum trucks, and long range water jet trucks. This kind of work typically helps to reduce overflows and problems for ratepayers.

Using an array of nozzles specifically designed for small pipeline cleaning, we can remove a variety of common debris including sand, grit, gravel, grease, stones, construction debris, trash, and rags.

Here are key areas we can operate in:

  • Debris Disposal
  • Traffic Control
  • Operating in sensitive areas, such as wetlands
  • Overcoming pipeline access difficulties
  • Cleaning sensitive pipelines
  • Coordination with affected utilities, other municipal bodies, subcontractors


Large pipe solutions

largepipes_graphicFor large diameter pipes, tunnels and conduits, Pipe & Plant ensures a higher standard of clean by positioning dual trucks with a push-pull action to remove debris – with no resetting of the truck position during the process. We can jet with conventional off-the-shelf jets or when the project requires we use our own custom-built water jets cleaning with up to 550 gallons per minute.

Timesaving methods to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Our proprietary process is based on continuous cleaning of in-service pipes, so no time or money is wasted in by-pass. When it comes to wastewater treatment plants, we remove grit buildup by cleaning wet, which means no downtime at all.

The most revolutionary cleaning system on the planet is coupled with a dual truck push-pull action to clean far more effectively than a vacuum system in wet conditions.




A clean commitment to environmentally safe best practices.

Pipe & Plant takes special care to ensure environmentally safe practices in the field. In our method for decanting and waste removal, we separate all solids for easy disposal while water used in the process is returned to the sewer. Grit and debris can be collected “paint filter” dry to be disposed of at landfills.


No more using clean water to do the dirty work.

Pipe and Plant is unique in our ability to clean large pipes without requiring clean water. Our solution is to use screened box separators with blackwater or greywater.

This method is environmentally friendly with no need for potable water to clean sewers. It’s a forward-thinking approach that delivers superior cleaning results – We have built and operate our own proprietary system of using sewer water to clean the sewer.

In our process, we move the sewer water to the surface, sufficiently clean it, pressurize it, and jet it to clean the in-service sewer lines. We can even continuously recycle one load of cleaning water and continue to jet when flows are very low. All this without using a perfectly natural resource like clean water to do the dirty work.

That means more clean water for drinking and critical usage, and no introduction of water into the system from cleaning – thus reducing the volume of water to be processed at wastewater treatment plants.

Have a look at things we’ve pulled out of sewers

sewerstuff_1 sewerstuff_2 sewerstuff_4 sewerstuff_3

Pipe Cleaning services include:

  • Small diameter sewer cleaning
  • Large diameter sewer cleaning
  • Siphon cleaning
  • Pump station cleaning
  • Overflow structures
  • Grit chambers
  • Grease removal
  • CSO/SSO monitoring
  • Emergency/non-emergency response
  • Rags removal
  • Rag maceration