Inspections and Condition Assessment

How do you define, let alone fix, a problem you can’t even see? Pipe & Plant Solutions deploys the latest industry innovations to conduct intensive and accurate levels of inspection and assessment.

Seeing is Believing


Our dedicated inspection teams use the most current inspection technologies to show the precise condition of the pipes. Pipe & Plant utilizes a combination of CCTV, sonar and laser systems along with leading-edge 3D optical pipeline scanners which offer greater speed, efficiency and 6x higher resolution. Working with a full 360-degree view of the inspection area, we start by identifying trouble spots requiring immediate attention, due to sediment accumulations, corrosion, and ovality. Our process has the added benefit of helping clients direct their maintenance dollars towards the most critical problem areas.

We also offer a crossbore assessment program – an inspection where we look for dangerous crossbores where gas lines intersect with the potential to cause buildings to explode. We can alert owners to any danger so emergency crews can be deployed to fix the problem.


Utility Condition Assessment

We work with a range of advanced utility condition assessment technology, designed to conduct surveys and sonar sewer inspections. Our robotic instruments can survey pipe as small as 3’’ and as large as 210’’ in diameter. All our operators are NASSCO/PACP certified to ensure that any reporting data collected is standardized, accurate and measurable. This certification proves inspection deliverables will meet the industry standard. But please contact us if you need inspections beyond the standard, we have the ability to do those too.

How does the condition of this pipe look? Not bad? Well, look to the right with the laser – where you can see the pipe may actually be about to collapse. This is why laser is so critical for understanding ovality and deterioration.
Sonar inspections show the efficacy of intensive cleaning under water where CCTV cannot see.
Broken pipes as seen by CCTV.
Broken pipes as seen by CCTV.
Broken pipes as seen by CCTV.
Broken pipes as seen by CCTV.

Inspections and Condition Assessment services include:

  • CCTV
  • Panoramo
  • Lateral launch
  • Sonar inspection
  • Laser profiling
  • Data collection